Changing White Mind

Changing White Mind: A Travel Guide

A central theme of this blog is the exploration of the experience of being white and my attempts to get conscious about the patterns of socialization I've absorbed as a white American, what I call White Mind.

My goal here is not to assign blame; guilt usually provokes defensiveness and denial, not change. On the contrary, I believe that the journey to awareness is a liberating one through which I can reclaim my self and my humanity.

I also don't attempt to address institutional racism here; it's a far broader challenge than personal bias, and many others are mapping out that territory on other blogs and websites. And I believe that the capacity to transform institutions is built of individuals who free themselves to see, and to act to create, new ways of being.

We are all one human family. I want to free myself to connect - deeply, warmly, authentically - with other members of my family. In the words of William Chase, "We are meant to be here together."

These posts are simply notes on my own journey toward that vision. I welcome comments from fellow travelers.

Here's the ongoing list of posts on this subject:

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