Monday, September 14, 2009

Books on Korean Subjects - A Selected Recommended List

This year I once again spent a week of August at a Korean culture camp, Camp Sejong in New Jersey (more about camp in a later blog), as the Creative Writing teacher.

In preparation for camp, I compiled a list of recommended books that camp kids and their families could order. I'll be presenting it here in five parts over the next few days, from picture books to adult literature.

I chose highly recommended books which were still in print and easily available, limited the entire list to no more than 50 books, and focused on books that weren't as widely known (other books by Linda Sue Park, for instance, rather than her best-known, Newbery Award-winning A Single Shard, which is often read in schools). There are a few that I haven't yet had the pleasure of reading, but all that I included have strong reviews.

I'd love to hear comments and other recommendations.


Charles Montgomery said...

I'm not sure I saw your list here?

Am I missing something?

Charles Montgomery

Anne Sibley O'Brien said...

Thanks for the question, Charles.
I'm putting it on in stages - thought I'd get it all up in one day, but life has a way of interrupting things.
The rest will be up soon, but meanwhile, I'll clarify that in this entry!