Monday, September 14, 2009

Books on Korean Subjects - Ages 4-8

Bee-bim Bop by Linda Sue Park, Illustrations by Ho Baek Lee

Charming, rhythmic account of a family making yummy bee-bim bop (rice with mixed vegetables & meat) together.

The Green Frogs: A Korean Folktale by Yumi Heo

Picture book illustrated in a lively, humorous style.

Jin Woo by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Chris Soentpiet

Beautiful, realistic illustrations for a sibling adoption story; illustrator is also a Korean adoptee.

New Clothes for New Year’s Day by Hyun-Joo Bae

Korean picture book in English translation; simple text and beautiful illustrations.

Waiting For Mama by Lee Tae-Jun, Illustrations by Kim Dong-Seong

Evocative Korean picture book in English translation; in 1960's Korea, a child waits for his mother to return home.


Tarie Sabido said...

Hi, Anne. How are you? :o) I want to read all of these books!!!

Jane Singleton Paul said...

Hello Anne, It was a pleasure meeting you at the Kennedy Center last Saturday. I see you have recommended "Bee-bim bop!," the poem/book Linda Sue Park so joyfully presented on that occasion. I plan to make some this weekend!

I was very moved by your reading from "After Gandhi" and wrote something about it on my blog...

Anne Sibley O'Brien said...

Hi, Tarie and Jane,
Thanks for checking in, and letting me know you were here!

I'm SO bad at keeping up with my blog, so I'm always amazed to find that people actually read it. Things are slowing down a little for me this fall, so I hope to be more consistent with my posts.

Tarie, thanks so much for your wonderful interview with me.

Jane, thanks for the great mention on your blog of our meeting at the Kennedy Center.
Best to you both,