Saturday, August 3, 2013

In the Stars

Well, this is a first - my book in lights.

A Path of Stars is being featured on Portland's Time and Temperature sign, flashing "PATH/STAR" this week instead of "CALL/JOE."

The message is promoting a book event, one in the city-wide reading series "I'm Your Neighbor, Portland," taking place the morning of August 8 at the Portland Public Library. The sign appearance came about as a result of a donation by personal injury lawyer Joe Bornstein. He and his wife Debbie have funded the purchase of 160 copies of A Path of Stars so that every child attending next Thursday's event will receive a free book, including 108 children from Portland's YMCA day camp who are coming to the event as a field trip.

After reading the book, I'll teach the children to draw a lotus and they'll make "I'm Your Neighbor" cards to be distributed to Portland's Cambodian community.

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