Monday, May 21, 2012

Children's Book Council: Join the Conversation

The Children's Book Council has formed a Diversity Committee, "dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and experiences contributing to children's literature -- encouraging diversity of race, gender, geographical origin, sexual orientation, and class among both the creators of and the topics addressed by children's literature.

One of their goals is to "to strive for a more diverse range of employees working within the industry." On their new blog, begun in January, editors, writers and other children's book professionals from a range of backgrounds share stories of how they broke into the field.

On their bookshelf, they're featuring books that highlight cultural diversity.

This week, the Diversity blog announces a new series, "It's Complicated," "a dialogue addressing a topic that has frequently arisen at the Diversity table -- the concept of responsibility and authenticity when writing about diverse characters and how authors, editors, and agents can choose/write stories that reflect the diverse nature of our society."   They're inviting participation in the discussion - from writers and illustrators, editors and art directors, booksellers and reps, parents, teachers and librarians.

"It's an opportunity to become a partner in the effort to represent the diverse nature of our society in both the creators of and topics addressed by children's literature." Come have your say!

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