Monday, March 19, 2012

Exploring a Bicultural Experience

One of my favorite blogs, Korean American Story, has just published a piece I was invited to write for them, "Of Longing and Belonging."

This relatively new blog has already built a thoughtful and insightful collection of essays and fiction on what it means to be Korean and American, including immigrant, U.S.-born, and adoptee perspectives.


Unknown said...

Dear Anne,

Thank you for writing your essay. I'm a Korean adoptee who married a Korean girl and had a traditional-style wedding. And it was so interesting to see your identification with Korea.



Anne Sibley O'Brien said...

Thanks, Matt.

I just discovered your blog at

I love how you explore the between space without trying to pin it down or figure it out, just letting the complexities bump up against each other.

And then there's the beautiful baby, who (though I've just begun reading) emerges immediately as a full person - I'm sold.

And there's your new story on KoreanAmericanStory - whew! It offers a window on the adoption experience that I've never imagined. Strange, brave stuff.

With appreciation,