Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stars in My Eyes

Last week I received the great news that my upcoming picture book, I'm New Here, received a starred review in Kirkus!
"O’Brien’s watercolor-and-digital illustrations masterfully use perspective, white space, and the contrast between the children 'back home' and in their new settings to highlight the transition from outsider to friend. ...
Whether readers are new themselves or meeting those who are new, there are lessons to be learned here about perseverance, bravery, and inclusion, and O’Brien’s lessons are heartfelt and poetically rendered."

My editor, Julie Bliven, commented in an email that, "I feel as though the reviewer was sitting at our table two years ago at Simmons and listening in on you, me, and Whitney [art director]. They really understood what you were trying to achieve."

It's thrilling to have a beloved project recognized in this public way. And it's rare - and deeply affirming - to be gotten, to have the book described exactly as we envisioned it.

This mention increases the likelihood that the people who are looking for books about immigrant children will find it, and best of all, that it will get into the hands of children who will find themselves reflected in my book.

Thanks, Kirkus!

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